Jaro Therapy New York NY

Women's Issues/Therapy

How can Joel help women work through their issues in therapy?

Joel believes that the therapeutic process is fundamentally about restoration and healing. In his practices in New York City and Scarsdale, NY Joel assists women in working through traumatic and damaging aspects of their lives, especially as it relates to past or present significant male figures.

In his practices in New York City and Scarsdale, NY he creates a safe, nurturing environment which can assist women who have experienced men in their lives (partners, fathers, siblings), as being controlling, manipulative, or abusive (verbally and/or physically). Joel's style is conducive to fostering an atmosphere of comfort and restoration. This then can allow women to experience a male figure on a radically different level and then apply this experience in fostering a healthier, renewed sense of self. Joel can assist women in significantly adjusting their expectations of how they should be treated by the male figures in their lives. He will help guide you in getting in touch with, or further develop, your self preservative natures.

Through the use of a variety of therapeutic modalities Joel can also help women in working through many of the issues posed by past male figures who have had a traumatic effect on their sense of self worth.

Joel believes in maintaining the utmost professional and clear boundaries with his clients in order to enhance the experience of safety and trust.