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Performance Anxiety

Who does Performance Anxiety affect?

Performance Anxiety can affect Actors, Athletes, Singers, Dancers, Models, Public Speakers or any other group of Creative Professionals whose worked is observed and critiqued by a wide audience.

What is Performance Anxiety?

Performance Anxiety affects the Artist's ability to perform at their optimal level.

This type of anxiety can manifest itself in ways such as: Procrastination, Fear, Avoidance (missing or showing up late for rehearsals/practices), persistent hopelessness, fear of failure, fear of success and an overall sense of worthlessness.

Performance Anxiety, at its worst, can feel crippling and have serious consequences not only on the professional level, but personally as well.

How can Joel Help?

Joel has a vast array of experience in dealing with performance anxiety and creative blocks. In his therapy at his practice locations in New York City and Scarsdale, NY, he can employ both traditional (verbal psychotherapy) and specialized non-verbal (hypnosis) methodologies in helping individuals to recognize their unique gifts and apply it to their creative pursuits. Joel can help you work through your fears, past or present based so that you can end the ceaseless "verbal gymnastics" that play out in your mind and unleash your innate creative and productive selves.

In this capacity, Joel will often function as a coach/therapist in helping you access past successes and assist you in minimizing the tendency to catastrophize past perceived failures. Often times, this process of catastrophization is based on earlier unresolved childhood issues connected to acceptance and recognition, especially from peers, siblings and parental figures.

He believes that although these issues, as well as other aspects of our past may inhibit creative functioning; it is imperative to move beyond the past and develop forward looking thinking. Joel believes that one has to guard against the tendency towards avoidance and self defeatist attitudes and behaviors.

Joel is a big believer in promoting action steps, setting measurable, attainable goals which can then be brought back in to the therapy session for observation and fine tuning.

Joel believes that every individual has the capacity to unleash the "creative tiger" from within. In his practices in New York City and Scarsdale, NY, he believes that he can apply his unique skill set in helping individuals tap into and manifest the immeasurable beauty and talent that is imprinted in each soul.