Jaro Therapy New York NY

Addictions Recovery

  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Sex Addiction
  • Food
  • As Adjunct or Alternative to 12- Step Models

Joel believes that the underlying conditions that contribute to all forms of addictions must be addressed in order for people to be fully healed. Early childhood wounds need to be explored and come to terms with, not dwelled upon or utilized as excuses for present day behaviors.

His approach to dealing with the person as a whole and not exclusively on the addictions have proven to be successful in his many years of practice. Joel will utilize both Western (Traditional Psychotherapy) and Eastern Philosophies ( Mindfulness, Hypnosis) in helping people feel whole and deserving of a rich, happy life. These approaches will enable individuals to go far beyond the confines of their respective addictions.

He will utilize both individual and group treatment modalities in helping people achieve maximum results. * Group Treatment can be used as an adjunct or alternative to traditional 12- step models.